Introducing the HomeGrid Stack'd series

With the highest output and capacity range available, the Stack’d Series battery is the right solution for residential and small commercial properties to completely remove themselves from their Utility Provider. From small off-grid cabins, to peak rate TOU (time-of-use) offset, family homes in suburbia, and small commercial projects, the HomeGrid Stack’d Series battery is the proven best choice to get your energy off the grid

Chemistry: Many manufacturers choose to use status quo equipment. By using LFP (lithium iron phosphate) we’ve picked the right chemistry for the job. LFP is safer and lasts longer than other battery chemistries in a stationary storage market.

Specifications: With one unit having nearly 15 kW of continuous power and a 24 kW surge, this system can handle the needs of an entire home or business… air conditioning and water pumps included. We can pair up to 15 Stacks in parallel for an unprecedented amount of power and capacity.

Modularity: Each white battery module is 4.8 kWh and each Stack can support 2-8 modules. This Lego-like form factor means a <30 min installation, and it’s the easiest battery to upgrade in the future. No wiring between modules, and no conduit/wiring needed when it comes time to upgrade.