About Us


About Us – S365 renewable energy ownership program for all our customers. We Do NOT offer leasing Options.
Working with S365 means no middleman; As a third-party installation broker, we do all installations and sales. With 25-50 years’ manufacturer warranties on products. (Terms and conditions may apply)

Mission – Is to strive for success regardless of upbringing or situation while earning success in the trenches through hard work and determination to bring a greener future today for all of our children of Tomorrow.

Vision –  The Vision is to be the #1 Leading All-Purpose Renewable Upgrade Company for Residential & Commercial Improvements across the USA and the world.

Increases property value by an average of 25%, average family home in California pays $250 monthly average utility bill and can save approximately $150,000 plus during the fixed payment arrangement (20-25 years).

Our Pricing:
  S365 has the most up-to-date panels on the market, with affordable pricing. That allows Residential and Commercial owners to get Top-brand materials at affordable costs.
  Schedule an in-person inspection with one of our licensed inspectors and project financiers.
  Customers will be exchanging the fluctuating and rising utility bills and rates for a fixed flat ownership payment that never goes up and stay fixed until the end of the term, therefore leaving you with no utility bills for the long run.

Manufacturer Partnerships:
•  Batteries – Tesla
•  Invertors – Enphase
•  Panels – Manufactured in The United States.
•  Financing – Mosaic

Comparison with Competition:
•  Fastest Installers in the Central Valley
•  Guarantee Permits completed in under 30 days.
•  No Labor, Permits, and/or No Upfront Down payment costs, With same-day approvals
•  Guarantee production on performance warranty

Insights on California’s Energy Consumption
•  Utilities in California have risen 40% since 2010.
•  Average utility raise of 10% every year for the next 30 years with a record high jump of 20% expected by the end of this year.
•  California’s utility prices are among the highest in the country.
•  PG & E Customers’ average is 80% higher kilowatt-hour than the national average
•  Edison charges an average of 45% higher kilowatt-hour than the national average
•  San Diego Gas & Electric averages a 50% higher kilowatt-hour than the national average
•  PG & E customers were hit with a 9% rate hike on March 1st, 2022, and commercial, small businesses, industrial facilities rates raised by an average of 12.5%
•  Companies like Sunrun, SunPower, InterNACHI, and Sungevity, are all leasing and renting renewable energy systems. S365’s Ownership program will have you owning your renewable energy system in 20-25 years after your flat rate is paid off. There is no prepayment penalty if you decided to pay off sooner.
•  Senate Bill 100 (SB 100) required a 60 percent Renewable Portfolio Standard (RPS) by 2030 and a 100 percent for all retail electricity sales to come from zero-carbon sources (Renewable Energy and energy-efficient upgrades) by 2045

Why Solar Energy?

Solar costs have fallen dramatically. The cost of an average residential solar energy system decreased 55% between 2010 and 2018. The Department of Energy focuses on reducing financing burdens and red tape for American families who are choosing to go solar. Why? We have been burning fossil fuels for electricity which cause extremely harmful gasses to be emitted into the environment as a result of this they become the prime cause of climate change and air pollution. Renewable energy helps combat this by replacing harmful fossil fuels with clean renewable energy. Installing clean solar energy onto your commercial or residential property you are without a doubt doing your part to make our planet green again.

Our Partners

S365 works directly with the manufacturer, such as Tesla, Emphases, and CED Tech; and residential/commercial financial institutions such as Mosaic to offer all-around Full Renewable upgrades for Commercial and Residential Property Owners. This includes New Roofs, Windows, Patio Doors, HVAC and Heating, Insulation, Car Ports, Patios, etc.